Tracing Paces and Other Explorations

Current Practice…

The psycho-geographic project ‘Tracing Paces’ began in 2017 when I invited four artists’ (Sarah Ashkin, Winona Guy, Megan Ryley-Maddock and Louis Norman) to join me for some expeditions exploring our local area at the time in south west London. Initial inspiration for working in this way came from reading the works of Rebecca Solnit* and discovering the Situationist International movement*. The nuanced recollections of attentive ‘flanuers’ and psychogeographers resonated with me and so, I began to merge dance practice with my inner wanderlust. This way of working launched our embodied practice beyond the studio, an often controlled and disciplined environment, and into open spaces. Spaces that became rich with subjectivity, whether it was the debate of public vs private, surveillance and residence or nature and man made construction. We recorded our journeys in multiple mediums that soon accumulated into various scores. 

The ways we engage with our surroundings and collaborate with these experiences remains a driving force of my work, be it the small things we are drawn to, the intention to be present or the capabilities of story telling. I enjoy surfacing our perhaps unnoticed perceptions that can be both diverse and similar and experimenting with where they can take us creatively. Since the initial project in 2017 I have continued to explore space as stimulus in open jams and workshops. If you would like to find out more please feel free to contact me. 

‘When you give yourself to places, they give you yourself back’  Rebecca Solnit

*Wanderlust, A Field Guide to Getting Lost (Rebecca Solnit)
*Situationist International, Guy Debord